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The eleven-day component of this period advances each subsequent eclipse of the series about eleven Zodiacal degrees. Because Earth spins in 24 hours, the eight-hour component of a Saros period carries each eclipse about one third of the globe Westward from its predecessor so three eclipses a Tri-Saros are required to return the series to similar longitudes. Solar Saros Series last shadowed the North American continent in , a year that will forever be remembered for the death of a king.

It could be argued that too much time had expired for the July 20th solar eclipse to be related to the November 22nd assassination of President John F. Kennedy , but some astrologers suggest the effects of a solar eclipse have a shelf life of six months, a year, or even longer. This eclipse does not belong to Solar Saros Series , but rather to Series The two could be considered travel companions as they have appeared in the same calendar years since , the year that Series first reached totality and Series first reached annularity Moon will remain too far from Earth to occult the entire Sun disc during eclipses of this series.

That eclipse also aligned less than a third of a degree from the Aquarius Moon of John F. Kennedy Junior who died in a mysterious plane crash five months later on July 16th, less than a month before the August 11th return of Solar Saros Series Many believe JFK, Jr. Was this the death of a prince who could have become king? That February eclipse also aligned within one and a half degrees of George H. On October 26th, , President Bush Sr.

According to the Act, one player could stand in the way. The first constitution in the American Colonies was adopted ten days after that January 4th, first series eclipse. One hundred years later, Abraham Lincoln , who had spoken out against the bank and printed debt-free currency, was assassinated. On December 6th, , less than two months after the eclipse shadow traveled from the Northwest through the Deep South and across the Atlantic to Africa, slavery was abolished in the United States with the ratification of the 13th Amendment.

It is encouraging to know the eclipse shadow that divided the United States in half accompanied the end, not the beginning of the Civil War. Could Kneel Diamond somehow serve to Unite the States whose citizens feels so entirely divided? Solar Saros Series has also arrived as wars departed. The latter means this eclipse family is also connected to the first ever deployment of an atomic weapon.

The eclipse aligned on July 9th, in the 17th degree of Cancer in a near conjunction with Saturn.

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Its shadow path connected the United States to Europe. The first nuclear test explosion mushroomed over the desert sands of New Mexico one week later.

Will February’s full moon be a supermoon?

When Moon returned to Cancer to again apply to a partile conjunction with Saturn, the first bomb was deployed at Hiroshima. The longitudes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are almost exactly opposite the center of the shadow path where the greatest eclipse was seen two months before. Has Solar Saros Series been forever mutated by the cancer of atomic power?

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  • What does it all mean? I am not suggesting we prepare for fallout this summer, but I do feel the fear and powerlessness invoked through contemplating these nuclear links to the eclipses of can help us tune into collective tendencies the Aquarius South Node is encouraging us to release. Or better said realign for we are not meant to abandon the archetype of the South Node entirely to engage with the other side. The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac are really six axes. Like hot and cold are both temperature, Leo and Aquarius are two sides of the same essence.

    It is not about destroying the nature of one side to create a connection to the other. The world tree must grow in both directions. As we reach for a brighter Leo, let us realign, not leave behind the revolutionary sign on its opposite side. May Imagination and Inspiration be connected through a circle, not just a line.

    Eclipses: Tables

    True revolution stems from revelation. Humanitarian love for the Many can sometimes disconnect us from the heart of the One. Classifying such decisions as evil or idiotic without first contemplating their root is unproductive for the growth of our tree. Is it wise to create a star on a planet? We are not only the audience of the Celestial Symphony, we are the instruments, the musicians, and even the conductor. The sacred science of Astrology helps us align to the Signs of the times, but the art of the chart suggests this is not a one-way exchange.

    We can assist in directing this eclipse and future members of its family simply by participating intentionally with its energy and giving intentional energy back through ceremony and offering. Perhaps it is time to reclaim reality from the strange seas of mythic dream.

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    They make great gifts. Order now. Going fast! Who are the commentators, and what do they say? The International Astronomical Union IAU is the group generally recognized for naming and defining things in astronomy.

    But the IAU has been, so far, silent on the subject of supermoons, which professional astronomers tend to call perigean full moons. Meanwhile, Fred Espenak, the go-to astronomer on all things related to lunar and solar eclipses Mr. We might also consider the astrologer Richard Nolle.

    The Many Faces of the Moon

    Whatever your thoughts or feelings are on astrology, Nolle is, after all, the person who coined the term supermoon. The term supermoon, as defined by Nolle, comes with some ambiguity.

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    • Click here to learn more about Richard Nolle. Click here to learn more about Fred Espenak. Astrophysicist Fred Espenak, aka Mr. Eclipse — a year NASA veteran and world-renowned expert on eclipses — says the January 12, , full moon is a supermoon in his post Moon in We refer you to two different supermoon tables for the 21st century to Why are their lists different? It all goes back to the definition of the word supermoon. Supermoons are based on lunar perigee and apogee. Each month, the moon comes closest to Earth at perigee and swings farthest away at apogee.

      Full moon February 9, : , miles or , km Full moon March 9, : , miles or , km Full moon April 8, : , miles or , km Full moon May 7, : , miles or , km. This year, in , the moon swings farthest away from Earth on March 24 , miles or , km , and then sweeps closest to Earth one fortnight two weeks later, on April 7 , miles or , km. Farthest apogee : , miles , km Closest perigee : , miles , km Difference : 30, miles 49, km. July supermoon via Evgeny Yorobe Photography.

      If given orbit can be taken to mean current monthly orbit, then the February full moon comes to within January 29, apogee: , miles , km February 10, perigee: , miles , km Difference: 27, miles 44, km. January 29, apogee: , miles , km February 9, full moon: , miles , km Difference: 26, miles 42, km.

      That being the case, then the February full moon comes to within Super cool super-moonrise composite from Fiona M. Donnelly in Ontario.