Astrology for the soul january 6 2020

Astrologers regard a retrograde as a time when the energy represented by the planet can be reworked, integrated, and understood at a deeper level. Uranus retrogrades with regularity for about days each year.

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The revolutionary energy of eccentricity goes underground during the retrograde. Any issues which have emerged during the introduction of Uranus in Taurus now will be reworked until January 10 th Venus ruled Taurus rules love and marriage. We could expect that their union consolidates during this first retrograde of Uranus.

Since Uranus entered Taurus in the collective has witnessed more and more examples of this human travesty. The billionaire was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Astrology for the Soul January 9, 2019

Themes of prejudice, being different and sharing will emerge throughout the retrograde period. Taurus: Since May the wave of change has been crashing upon your sense of self; your identify, down to the core of who you are. It is often an unnerving time to navigate Uranus! Gemini : Since the ingress of Uranus in Taurus you have entered a new phase of activating your experience of the divine. Spiritual practices, meditation, prayer and ways to cultivate retreat will become a priority. Use this retrograde period to discern which spiritual tools fit you and your lifestyle. Explore the spiritual dimensions in new ways.

Cancer: Uranus in your solar 11 th house has likely opened new social vistas for you; new friends who share some of the same interests. During the retrograde you may want to take a break from being social and simply reflect upon the true meaning of friendship. The friends who matter most will remain, while others will leave your world. Leo: Looking for a new way to lead in the world? Over the past year you may have shaken up the status quo at work, or, simply want to change careers.

Either way, this retrograde is a time to slow down and reconsider everything career related, without making a final decision. Virgo: The need for adventure, travel, or new learning has been percolating in your consciousness since last May.

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This retrograde is a chance for you to slow down a bit and reflect upon your need for change versus your need for security. In either case, your view of the word will become more logic dependent rather than emotional during this retrograde. Libra : Since last year the Uranus in Taurus ingress is inspiring you to totally transform intimacy and long-term financial needs.

During the retrograde you may decide to severe relationships which do not have as much depth and loyalty as you desire. You may also need to make or invest your money in a new way. Scorpio : Uranus opposing your sun triggers all sorts of pressure upon your closest relationships. You may view your significant others as being too flighty or inconsistent. Before you make any relationship decision heed the caution of the retrograde.

Sagittarius: Uranus transiting your 6 th house of health is a time to attend to self-care.

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  5. Unexpected health concerns may have come up over the past year. During this retrograde reflect upon healthier choices with regards to nutrition and exercise. Also consider new ways of integrating technology into your work life. Capricorn: Uranus will be lighting up your house of creativity, children and romance. Expect the unexpected regarding all three issues. During the retrograde reflect upon what gives you pleasure. You might also reconnect with a previous lover or reignite an old hobby or pastime. The retrograde inspires your inner creative muse.

    Aquarius: The foundation of your life will likely feel a bit shaky as Uranus transits your 4 th house of home. Thoughts of moving or remodeling may be on your radar. Weekly Intuitive Astrology of September 4 to September is keeping us highly aware of where our energies go on a daily basis as 4 planets travel through Virgo now.

    Astrology For The Soul

    This is a time of coming back to yourself with higher consciousness around your human journey and time on the planet - what are you "doing" and how are you "being" in your life? Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Virgo will each be connecting with outer planets and Nodes as we move through September, creating shifts and changes in where you want to take care of business.

    The opposition to Neptune at 17 degrees Pisces will ask you to surrender and return to your energy field for higher guidance than your human self may want. More to share in this week's podcast. September Astrological Energies.

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    The month of September has all personal planets in direct motion, and Saturn stations direct on September 18 at 13 deg 55 Capricorn. Saturn has been retrograde since May and traveling with the South Node in Cappie. Both Saturn and the South Node's territory here activates as this is when Pluto in Capricorn was covering these same degrees in your chart.

    The energy shift in September means forward developments are now coming for the heavy or challenging areas of life that have been weighing on you. Every astrological sign has many archetypes associated with it, so we'll take a look at the Virgo energies that are activated by transiting planets as well as natal planets in your astrology chart. Virgo is co-ruled by two planets, Mercury and Chiron, and is also connected with a number of asteroids. We combine the mental process with the body's ability to process and maintain energies on a daily basis, and this is especially vital during high energy periods and the changing vibrations on the planet.

    Chiron reveals where we are healing a deeper soul wound that the body could be holding, too. More to share with you in this show.

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    Weekly Intuitive Astrology of August 28 to September 4. The transition from August into September offers clarity, opportunities, and taking deliberate action as Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in Virgo receive a boost of cosmic energy from Uranus in Taurus at 6 degrees.

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    5. The Virgo New Moon on August 30th is pushing us forward to make new choices around how our lives operate. This New Moon brings focus to your intentions with the Universe and your soul mission.? Venus in Virgo has an active week as she meets up with Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune from Sept 2 to 4, taking her plans and asking her to stay open to a bigger picture. Mercury and the Sun travel together from 9 to 11 degrees Virgo from Sept 3 to 5.? A lot is happening in Virgo for all of us, so we are meant to make progress, organize, clean up, and come back to the business of life.

      Virgo is receiving a lot of energy from the outer planets as each planet in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn, opposes Neptune in Pisces at 17 degrees, and then trine Pluto in Capricorn at 20 degrees.? Weekly Intuitive Astrology and Energies of August 21 to Virgo season moves into high gear over the next week with the Sun, Venus, and Mars all travelling together through the first decan of the sign.

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      Mercury in Leo makes an encouraging trine to Jupiter in Sag on August 21, and the way ahead may be clearer than it has felt in a long time. Venus and Mars stroll together in Virgo until the end of the month, bringing Feminine and Masculine energies together in productive harmony and new physical alignment. Just watch the feedback and unconscious criticism as Virgo can be focused on all of the improvements and lack empathy for the process. More to share in this week's show. The experience of being in a human body is an opportunity to play with energies and make conscious choices around what resonates with your soul's growth in this lifetime. As Jupiter moves through the second half of Sagittarius in , we are being asked to rise up above the matrix energies of the planet and to remember why you came here.